Serpil Ural’s published works that include 36 picture books, a research on children’s books that deals with environmental issues, a historical fiction for young adults on the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915, a non-fiction for young  adults and three children's  literature books she has translated are all in Turkish except

1.      A Bridge of Sea

Written by the Greek author Lia Karavia, translated into Turkish and illustrated by Serpil Ural, is a picture book with the text in Turkish, Greek and English on each page.

With its message of understanding between people of different backgrounds, the book  aims at promoting peace and friendship between Turks and Greeks

Published in Turkey by KÖK Publishing, Ankara, 1998

Published in Greece by Fytraki Publications, Athens, 2000

 2.      Candles at Dawn

A historical fiction about two girls, one Australian and one Turkish, whose grandfathers had fought against each other in the Gallipoli Campaign (1915). The book conveys an antiwar message.

          Published in Turkey by Güldikeni Publishing, Ankara,2000

          Published in Australia by Limelight Press, NSW,2004


          is a book illustrated by a Greek artist, N. Kapatsoulia; with text in Turkish,    

          Greek and English on each page.

          Its message aims at contributing to the socializing of children and youth of      

          different backgrounds and at breaking away from prejudices about “the   other”.

          Published by TEPA (Turkish Greek Solidarity Platform), Ankara, 2009.


        written by Linda Socha Jaworski, illustrated by Serpil Ural

          A fairy tale that takes place in Cappadocia, Turkey.

          The fairy chimneys that are the geographical characteristic of the area,

          are each a different character in the book.

          The illustrations display different scenes of everyday life in the region.

        Published by Twinkle Truth Publications, U.S.A., 2011

5.    FOLKTALES FROM TURKEY – From Ağrı to Zelve

        26 folk tales and legends from a variety of towns and regions in

          Turkey – starting from A for Ağrı and continuing on through Z for Zelve.

          For children and older readers who are interested in Turkey and its  folk culture.

          Published by Çitlembik Publications, Istanbul, 2012